A Call to Leadership

Developing the Servant Leader within – acalltoleadership.com

Lead from within

Leadership can be a baffling concept to some and elusive to others. How can I lead when I am “just …”? How can I lead when I don’t know how? Leadership is not a position or status. It is a calling of the heart to lead those around you by example and with principle.

To be an effective leader you must first earn the trust and respect of those you wish to lead. A trust and respect that can only be earned through servant sacrifice. As it says in Mark 9:35,

Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.”

We all have the capacity to lead, whether it is in a family, a group of friends, an organization, our place of work or worship or the person we meet at the check out in a crowded store. We all have the capacity to engage each person that come into contact with and enrich their day with a smile, with a kind word. Leadership is about doing the right things simply because they are right things. For caring about others because they deserve to be cared about. To do for others because it should be about others above self. Hold a door for someone. Let someone else have the closer parking lot. Let someone have the extra room on the crowded highway.

We all have the capacity to lead because we all have the capacity to serve.

The steps on the growth to leadership are not large steps but rather the baby steps of a toddler, small and unsure. But we all have the capacity should we choose to. Lead from within yourself, from within your heart. That is where servant leadership lives in all of us. We just need to choose to listen.

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