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Exhibit: Finding Purpose in The Great Flood of ‘88


Understanding your purpose and counting your blessings.


So, what does the “Flood” thing have to do my banner illustration?

My banner art this month is what I call my on-going “Tree Project”.  There is a tree I observe on the western horizon at our home which serves as the centerpiece for many sunset photos of which I can’t resist taking with my trusty ten-year-old Sony Mavica CD400.  I have hundreds of these pictures; and when I began to compile them to see what I’d captured with intent to “commit art” (as my husband suggests), I was thrilled upon combining the images, to find the emerging stained-glass patterns of light and color created by various weather and seasons.  I love that the tree stands stalwart through seasons of storm and glorious sunsets; in darkness and in light.  It stands as a reminder that faithfulness pays off.  There are days when we stand surrounded in drabness and cold, and…

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